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Trip Advisor
  •   As none vegans/ vegaterians, we did not know what to expect from the plant matters bistro, but we were pleasently surprised. We were spoiled for choice and had to ask the server what she would suggest. She gave us suggestions based on people coming in...More

    thumb granny2009
  •   I enjoyed a wonderful 3 course meal at this third location of PMK (in addition to the original location in Wortley Village and the recent conversion of GroundUp Cafe to PMK Cafe on Richmond). Even though I am used to the tasty PMK offerings at...More

    thumb kelsheroes
  •   My partner and I are both vegan and were excited to eat here when visiting London. The restaurant is clean with a great atmosphere. Our server was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. We had the butternut squash with sage oil soup, A Caesar...More

    thumb Erin B
  •   This is an excellent restaurant regardless of whether you may be vegan, vegetarian or neither. Sophisticated menu with many wonderful dishes - hard to know what to choose as they all are worth trying. Been there twice with friends and family. It’s a wonderful experience....More

    thumb SumitAparnaTanvi
  •   As a fan of Plant Matter Kitchen I decided to try Plant Matter Bistro this weekend and I was very impressed with both the food and the service. Its not fine dining but the menu is more sophisticated than most vegan restaurants I've been to...More

    thumb Kaitlyn L
  • review rating 5  Three of us ate at the vegan bistro last Saturday. Two of us got a parking space right out front which was great. The bistro is very minimalistic and classy looking. Our sever Sandy was extremely good, knowledgeable and friendly. We found the menu interesting, lots of different things to choose from. I had the Korean dish which is available raw or cooked. I felt adventurous and decided on the raw version. It looked really good in a lovely big bowl and tasted really good too. My husband had a cauliflower stew, which was equally delicious. Our friend had a salad. I can't remember what she said about it but the bowl was empty! So overall our experience at the bistro was definitely successful! Freshness, atmosphere and the wait staff, each a 10 in our book. However, TripAdvisor didn't prompt me to write a review which puzzles me???

    thumb Ruben Vega
  • review rating 5  Ooh my goodness, one of the best meals I've had in a while. Amazing service from a great staff, a comfortable environment and food that amazed me. I will definitely be dining at all the "Plant Matter" restaurants in London.

    thumb Ally and the Friendly Fox
  • review rating 5  Don't be afraid. A lot of the food here doesn't even taste Vegan. Comfortable atmosphere and friendly Staff.

    thumb Matt Columbia
  • review rating 5  Excellent vegan food! My server was very helpful in making menu suggestions. Will definitely come back!

    thumb Brian Bew
  • review rating 5  Service was superb, very friendly staff and the food was amazing. Excellent vegan restaurant to visit even if you're a meat eater you'll love how great it taste

    thumb Alana Brouwer
  • review rating 0  Soooooo yummy!! Amazing service!

    thumb Taylor McMonagle
  • review rating 5  Most ahhhmazing gourmet vegan restaurant in London. Food, service, atmosphere, everything. Perfection. Would recommend 10/10 to anyone and everyone. ���

    thumb Tamara Lynne Richardson
  • review rating 5  Great atmosphere, great food, great drinks!

    thumb Kristen Houghton
  • review rating 4  Went with a party of 6 for a work lunch. The service was very fast. I ordered the po boy with ceasar salad. The ceasar salad was AMAZING but the sandwich was a little bland. It would have been nice to be offered condiments, unfortunately the server didn't ask how our food was so I didn't have the opportunity to ask. It was not air conditioned and was very warm on a hot day (might have just been down). Overall though I would return!

    thumb Noor Town
  • review rating 5  Went for the first time with my Vegan sister from San Francisco. She said it was better than any Vegan restaurant there! We had stuffed portabello mushrooms and sweet potatoe gnocchi. Both were fabulous. Have returned many times since and highly recommend to all my friends. Vegan or not, you will love it!

    thumb Gail Hewitt


  •   Tea with vegan fajitas is . A small place but lovely atmosphere because it that. The staff are friendly and attentive. Go here all the time!

    thumb Elena M.
  •   A work lunch brought me here but I was curious to try since it came on the scene. The space is long, deep with tall ceilings so the atmosphere can be quite boisterous when full. Our party was 10 people and we pre-ordered but our meals still took a little while - they claimed a rush before we showed up. Not really an issue, unless time is a concern. However, even with (despite?) the pre-order, our presence was kinda...overlooked? No drink orders taken without prompting and the servers seemed very disorganized.

    My meal was the Po'boy sandwich (crispy tofu | avocado | lettuce | tomato | onion | garlic aioli) with a side Caesar salad. The tofu had a great crispy batter and all the toppings worked very well together. The salad was good, the classic taste not missing a bit, but the lettuce was a bit wilted/soggy. I ordered the chocolate cheesecake as well and was very happy with every bite.

    thumb Jennifer M.
  •   My first time at a vegan restaurant and I was not disappointed.

    We shared three different mains (ranked in order of deliciousness):
    1) chickpea & mushroom burger
    2) sweet potato gnocchi
    3) the pomodoro linguine

    In addition, we tried the daily soup (a strong Thai-flavoured concoction) and the dark chocolate cheesecake. I was thoroughly impressed with how well each item was made despite great ingredient limitations.

    Unfortunately, this review is brought down a star due to some bizarre service. Near the beginning, while our waitress was listing off some of the specials, a green bead-like object suddenly dropped onto my napkin. I thought it was a piece of jewellery that had come off her bracelet, so I picked it up to return it to her. It was at this moment that I regretted my action, as the bead was sticky. Turned out it was her cough medicine, and she nonchalantly said: "Oh that's just my cough drop", picked it up, and proceeded as if nothing had happened. No apology, no new napkin, and three very confused customers. It was an accident, but her whole attitude about it  and throughout the evening was a bit off-putting.

    Otherwise, PMB seems like a fabulous location in London for vegan options.

    thumb Cynthia W.
  •   I never had vegan food in Canada. This was my first vegan place and am glad that I started here. I only tried the ravioli and it was damn good. Definitely will visit again.

    thumb Souvik D.