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Trip Advisor
  •   We were in town for the fringe festival and had dinner here before a show. It was delicious. I had braised mitake mushroom and my boyfriend had pasta. The mitake was off the charts delicious, even my “not a fan of mushrooms” boyfriend loved it....More

    thumb BingoPJs
  •   Found the bistro on a quiet Thursday lunch. Nice uncomplicated menu with a selection of daily specials in addition to the listed choices. 5 wines or both red and white available by the glass, carafe or bottle $40-$50 range. Potato and garlic soup was delicious...More

    thumb HappyBuddha247
  •   Welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Weekly ravioli and risotto features with locally-sourced, organic produce. Favourite dish: sweet potato gnocchi Service is attentive and friendly.

    thumb LishaLee02
  •   I have been the plant matter kitchen on multiple occasions and loved it every time but I thought I would try out the bistro this time around and I wasn’t disappointed! Great food and a perfectly relaxed atmosphere.

    thumb notlevi
  •   Wow, absolutely loved this little restaurant. Food was delicious and the service was fantastic!! Can’t wait to go back to this little gem. Nice wine selection and their desserts finished the show. Highly recommend!

    thumb 19871984
  • review rating 5  You get what you pay for: excellent food and excellent service.

    thumb Veathn Paarul
  • review rating 5  Amazing! My favourite vegan place in London. They also source their food locally.

    thumb Kelly Grant
  • review rating 5  I'm a meat lover, and this is LEGIT vegetarian cuisine. Thanks for a great meal for some out of town guests.

    thumb Seamus O'Rooney
  • review rating 5  One of my favourite London restaurants. Everything is very tasty and they are very sympathetic to food allergies. I much prefer it to the Kitchen in Wortley.

    thumb Heather Guizzetti
  • review rating 2  I wanted to like this restaurant. I really did. And I went mindful of the great reviews it's received and I don't believe I had unrealistic expectations. So here's my "but..." The food was good but not great. Not the worst sin. However, 2 starters, 2 entrees and 2 glasses of wine (meaning 1 five-ounce glass each), with taxes and tip, topped $120. Hmmm... Not inexpensive at all. So, it's good but not great, at a price that promises best-in-class but doesn't deliver. Also, the kitchen is slow and we noticed that staff will spend 'welcome' time with newly arriving guests before making sure your order gets to the kitchen. So more 'slow.' One final point. The staff lack any sense of humour and can be short-tempered (i.e., very, very defensive) when questioned about about speed. Yes, I would go back, but only after checking out the competition. Our first visit did not earn our loyalty. And at the risk of offending, I would say overall: Toronto prices for significantly less than Toronto quality and service. Sorry, but there you have it.

    thumb Christopher JONES
  • review rating 0  Everything about Plant Matters Bistro went above and beyond for me. Service, Quality, Execution, Presentation - it all came together beautifully to create a memorable, magickal experience. A great place for a date - something I don't think I've ever thought of a restaurant before. 🙂 I can't recommend it enough and will certainly look forward to passing through town again in the near future to eat here again!

    thumb Jonathan G. Itchon
  • review rating 0  I have been going to Plant Matter Kitchen for a long time now, and was very excited to try Plant Matter Bistro! They did not disappoint, and it was fun to try the new vegan dishes!

    thumb Lala Eccles
  • review rating 0  every meal I've had at PMB has been of high quality, taste, presentation, and service, especially my latest Londonlicious dinner. highly recommend for a special vegan outing or any occasion!

    thumb Kelly Smith
  • review rating 0  what an amazing experience. the food was absolutely delicious, the ravioli special blew my mind. the service was impeccable and we will definitely be back soon.

    thumb Carly Ryan
  • review rating 0  The food was delicious. The service was great. I will definitely go back when I'm in London again.

    thumb Donna Finch


  •   Tea with vegan fajitas is . A small place but lovely atmosphere because it that. The staff are friendly and attentive. Go here all the time!

    thumb Elena M.
  •   A work lunch brought me here but I was curious to try since it came on the scene. The space is long, deep with tall ceilings so the atmosphere can be quite boisterous when full. Our party was 10 people and we pre-ordered but our meals still took a little while - they claimed a rush before we showed up. Not really an issue, unless time is a concern. However, even with (despite?) the pre-order, our presence was kinda...overlooked? No drink orders taken without prompting and the servers seemed very disorganized.

    My meal was the Po'boy sandwich (crispy tofu | avocado | lettuce | tomato | onion | garlic aioli) with a side Caesar salad. The tofu had a great crispy batter and all the toppings worked very well together. The salad was good, the classic taste not missing a bit, but the lettuce was a bit wilted/soggy. I ordered the chocolate cheesecake as well and was very happy with every bite.

    thumb Jennifer M.
  •   My first time at a vegan restaurant and I was not disappointed.

    We shared three different mains (ranked in order of deliciousness):
    1) chickpea & mushroom burger
    2) sweet potato gnocchi
    3) the pomodoro linguine

    In addition, we tried the daily soup (a strong Thai-flavoured concoction) and the dark chocolate cheesecake. I was thoroughly impressed with how well each item was made despite great ingredient limitations.

    Unfortunately, this review is brought down a star due to some bizarre service. Near the beginning, while our waitress was listing off some of the specials, a green bead-like object suddenly dropped onto my napkin. I thought it was a piece of jewellery that had come off her bracelet, so I picked it up to return it to her. It was at this moment that I regretted my action, as the bead was sticky. Turned out it was her cough medicine, and she nonchalantly said: "Oh that's just my cough drop", picked it up, and proceeded as if nothing had happened. No apology, no new napkin, and three very confused customers. It was an accident, but her whole attitude about it  and throughout the evening was a bit off-putting.

    Otherwise, PMB seems like a fabulous location in London for vegan options.

    thumb Cynthia W.
  •   I never had vegan food in Canada. This was my first vegan place and am glad that I started here. I only tried the ravioli and it was damn good. Definitely will visit again.

    thumb Souvik D.